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What do we live for; if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?
​           MARY ANNE EVANS 

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Janet Seaforth, coordinator
I have worked in home care for over 30 years, for state and private agencies, hospitals, and independently, by myself and in teams. I started the IHCSN  in my rural community because of the great need for local care.

I would like to share our success with other interested communities.
Create Your Own Team in Your Own Community
Independent Home Care Support Network
Are you looking for an exciting career in a local home care business? With Independent Home Care Support Network, one person can make a big impact. If you value local quality compassionate care for your local elders, you can start your own group. A few dedicated people can create great teamwork. And it can be fun to work for yourself, and set your own hours and fees when you form your own group in your own community. 

We have helped many people be able to stay in their own homes at affordable rates. And the care providers love the freedom of setting their own hours and working with people they know. It is a win for the elder of your community, and a win for your local economy.

Create your own opportunities and sustainability for your own local community.
We have created a simple package with the forms that make it all work.
If you are interested in being a coordinator in your community contact us.
To inquire about getting the IHCSN package to set up your own group and business
Or mail your resume to:
Janet Seaforth
155 Shady Lane,
Cloverdale, CA. 95425 
Cloverdale Senior Center
Att. Janet Seaforth
Independent Home Care Support Network
Local Care for Local Elders
311 Main Street
Cloverdale, CA 95425