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What do we live for; if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?
​           MARY ANNE EVANS 

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My husband, Frank, has Alzheimer's and Cathy provides me the opportunity to take a break from his care every Sunday. Cathy researches a new activity for Frank each Sunday, this includes hikes, drives, taking him to music events (which is his enjoyment in life), and many other local activities.  It is so reassuring to know that he is not only being taken care of, but that Cathy is providing new experiences for him. 
Cathy leaves me a detailed accounting of the activities, food and what has transpired during her day with Frank, this is so reassuring and valuable in my care of Frank. I know that I can count on her to not only be Frank's caregiver and friend but she is also a huge help to my ability to maintain the care of my husband.
Without the support, understanding, compassion and professionalism Cathy provides, my life would be very different.  I feel we are so fortunate and blessed to have found Cathy through the IHCSN, and have her in our lives.
Joyce Ortega
Healdsburg, CA.
What the Care Providers have to say:
Through IHCSN I am doing what I passionately love and finding out how I can be part of a community assisting our elders. 
The monthly meetings are very important. I've learned resources on where to acquire information and most important how to handle myself in different situations (by our role play.)
Roberta Garrity
Cloverdale, CA
I think it has been proven to be extremely valuable for the people of this community to receive the finest and affordable local in home health care services and to provide the care they need so they can live in their own homes. 
IHCSN has worked very well for me to help improve my skills, and find good and dependable caregivers to work with. I have found many jobs through the network and through referrals and the profile card file. I think we have a Great group and I look forward to our monthly meetings.

Denise Heinz
Cloverdale, Ca
IHCSN is a very valuable option here in Cloverdale. We're kind of at the end of the road in Sonoma County & those who need caregivers find it difficult to obtain help here; people don't want to come "all the way up here" to work. 

With our team approach there can be a good fit between client and care provider. Each caregiver has different skills & schedule considerations.

Monthly meetings have been very helpful, because of both sharing experiences and skills development.

Pat Kraegel. Care Provider, Cloverdale,

Testimonial from a client: